Sotanillo Rosado
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100% Tempranillo
Semi-sparkling rosé
Not ageing

   SOTANILLO ROSÉ is a Young, fresh, and lively wine, with rosé ruby tones, very attractive and clean.

   Slight release of air bubbles, which make it more atractive to the sight and pleasant to the palate.

   Good intensity on the nose, offering fresh and fruity sensations, reminding to acid strawberry and blackberry with delicate hints of pink flowers.

   Nice balance and perfect fussion of acidity and sweetness.

It is perfect for appetizers (from oysters to thin slices of iberian meats), and also as a great acompaniment for any lunch or dinner, or just to be enjoyed at any time or day of the year.

“Semi-sparkling rosé full of fresh and fruity sensations”

Rigurous monitoring in the vineyard which ends with the selection of the best grapes and the harvest in its optimal point of maturation. After and gentle crushing and destemming, the must is stored in stainless Steel tanks where it remains during hours of macerating with the skins for a sight color extraction. After the evatting, it continues the fermentation at a low temperatura. Once the fermentation is finished, the filtration, stabilization, addition of carbon dioxide and bottling processes are carried out.

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