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Our Vineyards

“The extreme conditions favour the maturation process of the varieties grown in our vineyards”

viniedos1Bodegas Cristo de la Vega relies on extensive vineyards belonging exclusively to the members of the winery. The landscape isn’t very hilly with an altitude around 700 meters above the sea level.

Our vineyards enjoy a continental climate with hot summers, long and cold winters with rainfall ranging from 300 to 400 mm. These extreme conditions favour the maturation process of the varieties grown in our vineyards, some of them of almost 100 years old.

We have varieties of Spanish as well as foreign origin that are perfectly suited to our conditions and after rigorous maturation controls on the field, they are welcomed in their best moment in order to elaborate them separately and so ensure the highest quality in our wines


Our White Varieties:
Airén, Macabeo, Verdejo, Moscatel, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc.

Our Red Varieties:
Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, Merlot, Syrah.

Our Region

“La Mancha is the largest wine region in the world”


The wine culture has always been a tradition for the people of this land. In fact the Wine Culture is based on many of the customs, festivals and literature from the village of La Mancha. We must not forget the allusions that make the wine from La Mancha's great writers of the Golden Age Miguel de Cervantes masterpiece “Don Quixote”, Cervantes makes several references to wine as one that says, "both praised the wine that put him in the clouds, but dare not leave much in them so that they won’t get ruined ". Although the documented origins of vineyards in La Mancha dated XII-XIII centuries after it repopulated in the times of Reconquista, some would argue that the vines from La Mancha date back to the Roman times. However, the cultivation of vineyards in La Mancha reaches its maximum expansion since 1940, due to the implementation of many wine producers throughout the region. The wine is also the main economic activity of the municipalities of the Designation of Origin- DO

Therefore, La Mancha is the largest wine region in the world with around 450,000 hectares of vineyards within its area of production, of which only about 165,000 are able to produce wines with “designation of origin”, it is one of the most welcomed vineyards across Europe with DO.

La Mancha, a vast expanse of land that has a flat terrain, without great heights and with beautiful red Miocene sediments of limestone structure. Their temperatures are extreme due to its continental climate, ranging from the winter cold of -15 º to 45 º from the stifling summer. Dryness is one of its most distinct characteristics, since its microclimate prevents the entry of moist winds, presenting a low rainfall (300 to 400 mm per year), thus La Mancha is primarily a dry land farming. Moreover, our country has 3,000 hours of sunshine a year to sear their grapes; hence we offer the best fruit.


{marcavino|marca yugo|images/vinos/vinos_yugo.jpg|Yugo|Lively and fruity wines, with character, leaders of popularity in La Mancha and Spain.|index.php?option=com_vinos&view=vinos&marca_id=1&Itemid=156}

{marcavino|marca marques|images/vinos/vinos_marques.jpg|Marqués
de Castilla|Wines with high international prestige that reflect the spirit of Castilla and our passion for the best thing that we know to do.|index.php?option=com_vinos&view=vinos&marca_id=2&Itemid=157}

{marcavino|marca sigloxx|images/vinos/vinos_sigloxx.jpg|Siglo XX|Wines with a modern and elegant style that awake the senses.|index.php?option=com_vinos&view=vinos&marca_id=3&Itemid=158}

{marcavino|marca cerro|images/vinos/vinos_camina.jpg|Camina|Freshness, elegance and diversity with the best selection of native and international grapes.|index.php?option=com_vinos&view=vinos&marca_id=8&Itemid=159}

{marcavino|marca vegasan|images/vinos/vinos_vegasan.jpg|Vegasan|Varietal wines, very agreeable, elaborated to please every palate at the best price.|index.php?option=com_vinos&view=vinos&marca_id=5&Itemid=160}

{marcavino|marca sotanillo|images/vinos/vinos_sotanillo.jpg|Sotanillo|Greedy and very refreshing, cheerful and lively, perfect to be enjoyed in good company.|index.php?option=com_vinos&view=vinos&marca_id=6&Itemid=161}

{marcavino|marca bag|images/vinos/bag.jpg|Bag in Box|The best packaging to enjoy our wines everyday in a practical and easy way at any time.|index.php?option=com_vinos&view=vinos&marca_id=7&Itemid=162}


“Located in the heart of the D.O.P. La Mancha with 60 years of experience”

      Bodegas Cristo de la Vega is located in the heart of the D.O.P La Mancha, in the small village of Socuellamos, in the province of Ciudad Real (Castilla la Mancha, Spain). It was founded in 1955 by 25 vine growers, giving continuity to the project that they already had in common for many year before. Year by year, Bodegas Cristo de la Vega became bigger and bigger, elaborating better and more sophisticated wines, as the result of the enthusiasm of the whole village.

The winery counts nowadays on nearly 60 years of experience and tradition, modern facilities as well as a huge “know-how” personalized in our human force. Thanks to this union and desire to excel ourself, our wines can be already enjoyed in many corners of the planet.



Our Cellars

“More than 1,200 American oak barrels where our wines sleep”

instalaciones1     Bodegas Cristo de la Vega counts on modern facilities and machines of the most recent technology. These installations allow us to carry out an exhaustive selection of grapes and separation by varieties, so that the grapes enter the winery in the best conditions for winemaking.

    The winery disposes of self-emptying stainless steel deposits, thus allowing a fermentation at controlled temperature, different filtrate equipment, automatic cold equipment and process control, which allows to elaborate white, rosé and red wines of highest quality at competitive prices, according to the demands of international markets.

On the other hand, the ageing facilities are equipped with more than 1.200 American oak casks (medium toasted) for ageing our wines.

The bottling facilities have a capacity to bottle 5.000 bottles / hour, reducing the time to prepare the orders. Furthermore, it is prepared to bottled our wines with cork, screw cap, or bag in box.

instalaciones2 instalaciones2 instalaciones2


Spirit and Effort

“The affection, passion and effort we put to produce high quality wines is the result of knowledge handed down over long time"

prestigio2      From its foundation until today, in Bodegas Vega Cristo we have not changed the essence of our passion for wine, passed down from generation to generation, with a single goal: to improve, year by year, the winery’s commitment to the world of wine. That’s how the 25 founding members of the cooperative conceived the winery.

The affection, passion and effort we put to produce high quality wines is the result of knowledge handed down over long time. Thanks to this spirit of constant growth and renewal, the wines from Bodegas Cristo de la Vega can be enjoyed in the five continents.



International Prestige

“Nowadays, Bodegas Cristo de la Vega is considered as one of the most important cooperatives in La Mancha thanks to their national and international recognitions”

prestigio1     Nowadays, Bodegas Cristo de la Vega is considered as one of the most important cooperatives in Castilla la Mancha and Spain, thanks to its national and international recognitions as well as for its long journey on the wine world.

The “know-how” of Bodegas Cristo de la Vega grants to all our products: Premium Quality, reasonable prices, and consistency from one harvest to the next. Wines that are characterized by their elegance, modernity, complexity, smoothness and balance. Creating two different styles of wine: traditional, but also modern and innovative.