New recognition for YUGO Tempranillo-Merlot-Syrah among 1,000 tasters

    Winner of the Gold Medal in the competition "Vinos de la Tierra del Quijote" organized in Castilla-La Mancha, and where the jury was made up of 1,000 tasters, both professionals and amateurs.
More than 300 registered wineries in the DO La Mancha, and more than 800 samples submitted, are synonymous with the importance of this competition in our region, in which, once again, YUGO been present.
Our wine YUGO RED TEMPRANILLO-SYRAH-MERLOT got the GREAT GOLDEN MEDAL for the Best Young Red Wine, which reconfirms that this wine is well accepted and recognized by more and more consumers, being a number one selling wine in our Region, Spain and abroad.