The Management of SDAD. COOP. CRISTO DE LA VEGA, dedicated to “Production and sale of young white, red and rosé wines. Production and sale of aged wines and musts.“The company works at the level set by the international standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, and ensures that our products comply with the legal requirements, regulations and customer specifications that affect them in each case.

The Management assumes its responsibility towards the customers, to put on the market only products that satisfy the same, safe and legal products according to the specified quality, establishing capable processes and complying with a program of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System.

Consistent with the decision and will expressed, the Management undertakes to provide the material and human resources necessary to achieve the aforementioned objective, in the conviction that the cost involved is nothing other than a profitable investment. The Quality Policy, and its periodic revisions, will be made known to all SDAD personnel. COOP. CRISTO DE LA VEGA through internal communications of the same, ensuring its full understanding and consistent application.

Quality Management is an objective and a responsibility of all SDAD staff. COOP. CRISTO DE LA VEGA, and covers all activities related to it. Convinced that Quality will help us to achieve a system of continuous improvement, specific and quantifiable objectives will be established and reviewed annually by the Management, with defined responsibilities and deadlines for execution, which will help us to measure and evaluate the improvement achieved.

Surname: Maria José Moreno Sánchez

Socuéllamos, March 16, 2022